Bartira + Caetano
Sonic Life / Social Death Archive installation with user interface (2020)  
© Leandro Nerefuh and Caetano, under Libinunga commons

Sonic Life / Social Death exists as an experimental archive that meditates on Afro-Brazilian representational politics through digital sound culture.
In the current, not-so-current renaissance of black civil rights and justice movements, the project emerges from a musicological research to celebrate black life in its wide-ranging expressions and dissident identities through black intelligence. One that strives to counterpoint western scientific domination, too often historically applied to justify the white conquest and the European expansion that gave rise to the contemporary situation.
This interactive piece consists of sound inputs and stands as a historical mnemonic monument articulating samples from a research on selected black electronic music aesthetics.

Bartira (BRA)
I am a sound artist and researcher working with installation, sound intervention, and performance. My practice strives to create sonic immersive experiences, drawing from e-waste and diasporic aesthetic references in the context of digital cultures.

Caetano (BRA)
Can we understand that which we have not experienced? I like to explore the breakdown of existing systems as a fertile ground from which new encounters can emerge. Sound and performance are core elements of my practice.


Bartira + Caetano