Stefanie Egedy
BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS 2.0 Sub-bass installation, 7 mins every hour (2020)
Performance, 11 mins
Alte Münze - 16., 17., 24., 25., 30., 31. Oct. 7:30pm - only 8 persons (register at cash desk)  
© Simon Fernandes

B.A.S. ​is an ongoing investigation of the possible interactions between sub-bass, bodies, and subwoofers. Through organized sub-bass frequencies spoken by subwoofers, Stefanie explores how this particular frequency-range (20 Hz – 63 Hz) communicates with multiple types of bodies – not only human bodies, but also structural aspects of the space where the installation is presented, involving correlations between sound and constructional features (dimensions, materials, walls, columns, and floor).
Perceived by these bodies, sub-bass frequencies are able to create vibrational experiences in which each specific Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is felt. When sound waves change the air pressure, the bodies get wrapped in layers of vibration, producing a new acoustic panorama of alternative realities. Bodies (human and non-human) 
as a physical form experience the day-to-day, often without conscious awareness. How can interactions with sub-bass and subwoofers offer new possibilities in experimenting with realities?
In combination with the short performance, the project is proposed as an experiment to generate different possible realities.

Stefanie Egedy (BRA)
(*1996 in São Paulo) lives in Berlin. Her motto is sub-bass, bass sounds, sub-woofers, and their capacity to reveal presence in a space. The exploration of human and architectural bodies involves interaction that is of great potential for new creations. Stefanie operates at the cross-over between sonorous and musical language to investigate communication between beings.


Stefanie Egedy