DYSTOPIE sound art festival Berlin

Alte Münze – Banks of river Spree – Errant Sound

The Dystopia Festival brings diverse sound art viewpoints together in an exhibition that deals with current dystopian moments, as well as those of an imagined future.

Dystopias have gained immense importance in recent years. Not only in fiction, but also in reality, the dystopian signals have been increasing, whether by authoritarian-led states, in threats posed by global Internet corporations, by drastic climate developments – or, most recently, by the corona pandemic. The dystopian always carries the germ of the utopian within it however, even if only as a warning to us not to let things go so far- as we have witnessed during the Corona period, when, for example, Venice’s canals became clear again, or, when the sky over Beijing became clear as well.

Berlin – Brazil / Oct. 16 – Nov. 01 2020 (program online on Oct 1st)

Following on from the premiere of the double edition Dystopie Berlin-Istanbul (2018/2019), our guest country this year will be Brazil. In addition to artists from Brazil, we invite sound artists from Europe to submit new or existing works that deal with the topic of “dystopia” in the broadest sense.

DYSTOPIE 2020 artist list:

  • Marco Barotti (ITA) “The Egg”, sound object
  • Bartira + Caetano (BRA) “Sonic Life / Social Death”, archive/installation
  • Justin Bennett (GBR) “Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi”, sound-video-installation
  • Joana Burd (LIT/BRA) “The Box”, sound object
  • Roberta Busechian (ITA) “Obscure Clairvoyance”, installation with webstream
  • Vivian Caccuri / Gustavo von Ha (BRA) “Vivian & Gustavo”, sound-video-installation
  • Stefanie Egedy (BRA) “Bodies and Subwoofers”, subbass installation
  • Kerstin Ergenzinger (GER) mit Sonochoreographic Collective:
    “Whistleblowers”, sound installation in public space (Jannowitzbrücke)
  • Bruno Gola (BRA) “Bruto”, participative sound installation
  • MSA (Milena Kipfmüller, Klaus Janek, Lukas Matthaei, BRA/GER) “Zero. Land der Zukunft”, live audio walk Spreeufer
  • Thom Kubli (CHE) “Brazil Now”, concert
  • Torben Laib (NOR) “inflazione in flagranti”, interaktive sound installation
  • Laura Leiner (BRA) “Baumschmerz”, performance at Spreeufer
  • Marina Mapurunga (BRA) “Dystopian Path”, audio walk Spreeufer (QR-Codes)
  • Chico Mello / Fernanda Farah (BRA) “De-consolation”, concert
  • Ricardo Moreno (COL) “La Radio Criolla”, radio lounge (Gallery)
  • Giuliano Lamberti Obici (BRA) “Screen Utopia”, audiovisual installation
  • Hyunju Oh (KOR) “Breath”, immersive installation
  • Christian Diaz Orejarena (COL/GER) “Fronteras Visibles”, sound video installation / lecture
  • Bence G. Palinkas / Kitti Gosztola (HUN) “Wild Garden Utopia”, workshop installation (Spreeufer+Gallery)
  • Mario de Vega (MEX) “El Intruso”, performance intervention
  • Ute Wassermann (GER) “Aus Atem”, performance with installative documentation

Ensemble Adapter (Kristj. Helgadóttir, Ingó. Vilhjálmsson, Gun. Einarsdóttir, Matth. Engler)

The Alte Münze (Old Mint) in Berlin-Mitte serves as the main exhibition venue, with cellars and vaults in very different sizes. The Errant Sound gallery space is used for presentations and the symposium, and especially the path between these two locations, on the banks of the Spree, offers locations where sound artistic interventions in public space will take place.

Locations Map


Press information PDF with Fotos: Dystopie2020-Presseinfo

Jury Open Call

  • Julia Gerlach (Akademie der Künste Berlin)
  • Laura Mello (Artistic director Dystopie Festival 2020)
  • Georg Klein (Artistic director Dystopie Festival 2020)
  • Prof. Alexandre Fenerich (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
  • Prof. Kirsten Reese (Universität der Künste Berlin)
  • Mario Asef (Errant Sound Vorstand)


The festival is organized by Errant Sound e.V. and kindly funded by Kulturstiftung des Bundes and Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Main media partner: DeutschlandFunk Kultur.