FÁBRICA DE SONS ELETRÔNICOS (UNIRIO) By the Window, We Listen - an essay  

By the Window, We Listen is a sound essay that inhabits the thresholds between the musical and the documentary spheres, proposing the act of listening by the window as a catalyzing experience for collective reflections about our current condition of isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This work relies on contributions from the student community of Instituto Villa Lobos/UNIRIO, motivated by an invitation to share sound recordings, preferably made on cell phones, of their daily lives in the most familiar realities in which they live: their homes and the places of their daily lives.

Fábrica de Sons Eletrônicos

A Fábrica de Sons Eletrônicos (The Electronic Sounds Factory) is a project linked to Instituto Villa Lobos – UNIRIO, and its main objective is to introduce basic digital and analogic tools used in the production of sound and art in general, through practical, collective classes. A Fábrica has been gradually diversifying its activities beyond the pedagogical scope, expanding its interests towards other endeavors such as the organization of seminars, the production of texts and artistic projects, among others.


Adriana Miana
Amanda Amaral
Arthur Murtinho
Gabriel Dargains
Gustavo Berlin
José Arthur
Lucas Lima
Lucca Totti
Marcelo Carneiro
Paulo Dantas
Raffaella Goi

By the Window, We Listen – an essay