b-Aluria Everything ends in ends that start over  
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Everything ends in ends that start over – a narrative of loops and knots is a work of sound art to be presented in video art format. Its audiovisual content stems from the artist’s relationship with the book Staying with the trouble, by Donna Haraway. Its guiding principle is the use of the voice in repetition, performed from tape decks, microphones and a loop pedal.
Everything ends in ends that starts over – a narrative of loops and knots seeks to debate about the author’s proposal of “doing it with the Antropocene”: by recognizing the problems and urgencies of our time, Haraway proposes not to solve them, but to interact and commit to them, to take them in our hands. Similarly, the work weaves a sound narrative constructed by voice loops that apparently perform self-reference and isolation.
But it is from the very repetition of these voices that their “opening” also takes place: how, in repetition, does one word find another and place itself in relation? As these voices and words, together, begin to weave meaning? How can different senses visit each other, maintaining in exchange a radical state of being in relation?

Everything ends in ends that start over – a narrative of loops and knots*

“Trouble is an interesting word” **
to write with noise is like practicing resistances
and the voice is like a schism

to repeat and to create noise
is like to take the problem into own hands
“Trouble is an interesting word”
do not solve them
untie tie the knots

knots – noise
make the knots ring
noise – knots
noise is a precise language

everything ends in ends that start over
or as in these repetitions
in free falls
long steps from here

this is not an end


* Poem written and translated from Portuguese by Gabriela Nobre.
** “Trouble is an interesting word” is the opening line of Donna J. Haraway’s book “Staying with the trouble – Making kin in the Chthulucene”.
Gabriela Nobre b-Aluria
Gabriela Nobre is a sound artist, poet and performer born in Rio de Janeiro. Her experimental project b-Aluria investigates the relationships between sound and word; noise, collages and texts in search of answers to the insufficiencies of the written word. She is also curator of the independent label Música Insólita, which promotes names in the Brazilian experimental scene.

Everything ends in ends that start over