Betamaxers Project Wormholes  

The proposal presents the making of a video and an album, with a sound narrative that moves between EDM and experimental music.
The video presents the live performance that is the basis for the construction of the album, and the creative processes that take place in the preparation, organization and completion of the project. The performance proposes a fabulation about musicologists from the future who interpret aspects of today’s culture in a sampled and remixed way.
The sound references go around the big beat and electronic music of the 1990s, algorithmic music and improvisation with voice and percussion instruments, and the performances are developed in the form of a freestyle B2B practice, which will be documented and processed, being part of the final video.
The video’s narrative makes reference to the futuristic ancestral imagery, where the revival of elements from the past is mixed with a fabulation of the future, reinventing our relationship with the present. The script will be developed and performed by the musicians Isabel Nogueira and Luciano Zanatta, with lighting design by Kevin Brezolin, capture and editing by Elizabeth Thiel.

Betamaxers is a duo formed by the musicians Isabel Nogueira e Luciano Zanatta. Both are producers, musicians, sound designers and videomakers. The duo’s audio and video works integrate improvisation, experimental and algorithmic languages and electronic media. Their procedures include programming, sampling and sound and image synthesis in live or sequenced performances.