Hyunju Oh
Breath Immersive audio drama installation
Mixed-media, 10-channel audio, 2-channel video
8-channel lighting system, 12 mins (2019) (2019)

Breath is an audio drama-based installation. The story starts with a person failing to make an escape from a real room, with the audience overhearing every move. Further abstract situations are developed to a narrative and spatialized through objects, location-specific sounds, and lighting, while the 10-channel sound installed around the space enables us to follow the activities of the person in the radio drama.
The situations in both the virtual and actual space are psychologically and emotionally merged to soundscapes by the main character. At the same time, she interacts with the objects and media in the installation. The imaginary space created from sound-illustrated situations combined with radio drama can be understood as a metaphor for our psycho-emotional space.
In addition, the space works like a stage for the audience: Visitors are encouraged to further develop situations in their imagination or, inspired by the performative sounds, to personally interact.

Hyunju Oh (KOR)
(*1988 in Daegu) lives in Mainz. She studied media art and sound art composition. She has widely exhibited in Germany and received several awards and grants, among others from ZK/U Berlin, State of Schleswig-Holstein, and Arts Council Korea.

Hyunju Oh