Marina Mapurunga
Dystopian Path Sound walk in 8 stations
QR Codes 
independently accessible with own smartphone (2020)

Dystopian Path is a sound walk that ex-
plores public, private, and virtual spaces. The path is configured with QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) that connect 
Marina to the walkers. In this way, they can listen to Marina’s sound messages from the future via cell phone and headphones.
She is in a dystopian Brazil, in the year 2073. Following an earthquake, Marina’s chip loses its connection and she sets out to find help. The piece is a reflection on our own dystopian present time. Science fiction is a way of addressing issues that we may not yet clearly perceive.
Dystopian Path plays with the means of exaggeration, making capitalism and environmental destruction lead to a hopeless existence, which is already reality in many parts of the world. In the headphone-related sound walk, this double reality is the concept: while the listeners stroll along the Spree riverbank, a second reality takes place in their heads, the dystopia of the year 2073.

Marina MapurunGa (BRA)
is a sound artist and researcher. She is professor at the faculty for Cinema & Audiovisual and Visual Arts, Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia (UFRB), where she lectures on sound in audiovisual media and coordinates the extension project SONatório.

Marina Mapurunga