Thais Montanari

Moi_Espace Public from Hippolytevendra on Vimeo.

Moi_Espace Public, Video, 24 min

Halfway between documentary film and visual music, Moi_Espace Public consists of a series of videos created by people who identify as women and wish to share their personal experience of how they express themselves and behave in different public spaces, including virtual ones. Open to all forms of artistic expression, this project aims to create an audiovisual mosaic that shows the differences and similarities between how each one experience issues such as security, freedom of speech, access to information, the labor market, household chores, self-image, and self-esteem.

Thais Montanari: Now based in Montréal, Canada, Thais was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 1986. Her recent work as a composer is based on interdisciplinary and collaborative projects, through which she seeks to create a space-time where the artists and the public can discover and share political and social ideas. Musically, she is interested in mixing instrumental and everyday sounds, in addition to the interaction between music and image.


Thais Montanari