Mariana Carvalho

nylon bites [places: São Paulo] (2019), Video, 25 min

nylon bites is a process of investigation that explores inner and outer listening during the act of biting and playing a nylon thread, sharing and shifting points of listening. With binaural microphones turned to the inside of the ear, I play with people or things – in video-installation or interactive performance. A device is created to investigate relation, otherness, bone conduction, soundscape, the body as a filter and proprioception. In this specific video, I play with things in different places in the city of São Paulo. The video was made in collaboration with Quina Filmes, in 2019.

Directed by: Mauricio Battistuci
Edited by: Luisa Noriko
Photography: Francisco Miguez
Color: Caio Antônio
Concept/Sound: Mariana Carvalho
Produced by: Mauricio Battistuci, Amanda Carvalho

Mariana Carvalho (São Paulo, SP, Brazil/ 1994) performer, sound artist, improviser and pianist, interested in body, listening, relation, inner sounds, eutony, gender, voice. She is currently starting the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program at UdK, in Berlin. She is part of Sonora – músicas e feminismos. She holds a bachelor in piano at the University of São Paulo (USP), and is still connected with NuSom – Research Centre on Sonology of USP and Orquestra Errante. She was an artist resident at Q-O2 (Be) and AADK Spain.


Mariana Carvalho