Glerm Soares

Big Pharma Dharma (2020), Video, 45 min

The piece chosen is a raw excerpt from a live broadcast made on May 16, 2020 – two months after the beginning of the social isolation imposed by the global pandemic. In this 45-minute excerpt I am reading my chapter from the book “Desobediência Sonora” while improvising with ORCA + Puredata + Helm + the genome of the Sars-Cov2 virus as “score”. In this chapter I argue about the practice of computer programming (especially with artistic applications in mind) as a type of musical rehearsal or even compositional routine. Contrary to the defense of a conceptual novelty or some supernatural authorial inspiration, I would not like to support as a concept for this piece any kind of invention or melancholy, but on the contrary, a daily practice of breathing and sharing a very simple moment, but that gave me breath and inspiration to go on these strange days. I hope that from this piece could come infinite others, and the cure for this complicated moment.

Excerpt from “Sonic Desobedience”

SarsCov2 genome



Glerm Soares