Gurkan Maruf Mıhçı 415.0Wh Exhibitions — İTÜ MIAM Gallery — 31st - 3rd of November 2019, daily 10:00 - 18:00  

The 415.0Wh project produced for Greenpeace Artist On Board Project Rainbow Warrior Ship Artist Residency, 2016

The Data, Rainbow Warrior Ship Solar Power usage, visualized and edited. The sound composition is based on the frequencies in the data and the field recordings/soundscapes during sailing.

Bio: Gurkan Maruf Mihci is Assistant Professor and Co-Coordinator of Foundation Studies at IUPUI Herron School of Art and Design. Mihci is a board member of World Listening Project and member of World Forum for Acoustic Ecology and AIGA.
He exhibited his collective and individual audiovisual art and media works in various international festivals and exhibitions such as; Gallery 263; Boston, USA, Radio Zero Festival; Porto, Portugal, Monsters International; Montreal, Canada, Animatu Digital Animation Festival; Portugal, Conde Duque; Madrid, Spain, Mestre Film Fest, 10th Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival etc.

Gürkan Maruf Mıhçı