Sair Sinan Kestelli Electronic Music Concerts ITU MIAM Gallery  

Sair Sinan Kestelli was born in 1979 in Izmir. He combined his engineering background with sound engineering and design and sonic arts graduate studies. His practice mainly focuses on electronic music composition, performance, new digital musical instrument design and sound design for performing arts.
He performed at various international music events and collaborated with different choreographers for contemporary dance/performance projects. His work, ‘earthworks’, was part of the record ‘Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music: 1961–2014’ released by Sub Rosa Records in 2016. He released his debut album ‘Poles Re-Mediated’ in 2019, which was commissioned by Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in 2017 as part of ‘After the Wildly Improbable’ event series about Berlin-Baghdad and Hijaz Railways.
Sair Sinan Kestelli completed his PhD study in Music at Istanbul Technical University, Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (MİAM) specializing in Sonic Arts in 2019. He is also part of the electronic music duo, mondual.

Sair Sinan Kestelli