Liping Ting TIME WALK The history of our own age of stone still in insomnia (Poetry Action) Performance — Kleiner Wasserspeicher — Fri 9/28/18 — 8pm  

Liping Ting practices a ritual process of purification that raises awareness of the geopolitical and globalization crisis. She develops art ›as a source‹ for humans who survive in this ever-present, unbalanced environment, challenged by chaos and a troubled nature, and who seek human concern, care and art. Her installation work observes and examines human political issues (anthropological and ecological) on edge, their potential transmutation and transformation in relation to their individual story and therefore to collective memory.

Since 2016, her projects LIGHT ACTION-POLYPHONY, MAPPING, STONE-TIMING/PAPER-TIMING, IM-MI(Para-Site) investigate the theme of human nomadism as crisis and practice and the present catastrophic displacement of immigrants. They exploit in different contexts the subtle ›balance‹ and ›out of balance‹ relationship between the human body language and work activity.

This art action journey in situ aims to reveal our place within common histories by a ritual of wild hearts, madness and purification. According to poet Antonin Artaud, life consists of burning up questions, and poetry is the crushed multiplicity that makes the flames (Héliogabale ou L’anarchiste couronné, 1934).


Liping Ting (TW). Her artworks include community exchange projects, improvisational experimental music in situ and sound-environments exploring city and nature. Influenced by the work of John Cage, Samuel Beckett and the Chinese poet Zhuang Zi.

Liping Ting