HAUNT-Frontviews: 8 to 10 installation works + performances (in the courtyard)

GALILÄA Kirche: sound performance / concert space, up to 4 installation works (with time management)

Public Space: outdoor installation works, performances, sound walks

Frontviews, Kluckstraße 23 A, D – 10785 Berlin

Not available: W1, W2, W3 and Garage are in private use.

Galiläa Kirche,  Rigaer Straße 9/10 , Berlin Friedrichshain

The Protestant Galiläa Church and the parish hall right next to it were built in 1909-1910 in the narrow street alignment of Rigaer Straße 9/10 in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain in a historicizing Gothic style in a closed development according to a design by architects Georg Dinklage and Ernst Paulus. On the one hand, the architectural style of the red brick-clad building is reminiscent of Mark Brandenburg traditions, while on the other hand, it already echoes the beginnings of modernism. After partial destruction during the Second World War, the church, which is a listed building, was restored. Now the church is used for exhibitions and concerts, developing a new space for sound art in Berlin.


Historical view