Rocha/Paulo Topia  

Given the need for social distancing and remote working due to the pandemic context of SARS-CoV-2, video calling has gained a new dimension as a communication tool for various areas of production and work. Within this context, the artists Disco Duro and Nasnuven Paulo meet virtually to improvise in a videoconference. Bringing together their equipment and sound trinkets, the performance will be elaborated within the contexts of experimental music, free improvisation and electronic music. By dealing with latency, connection oscillations, graininess, among other noises that the virtual environment provides, the artists seek to discover a new workplace for interaction and performance in real time. The presentation explores the possibilities of interference in the sound flow within the virtual space of video calling, investigating the dynamics that this space has on sound. The recorded result will be made available on NuvemTopia platform.

NasNuven/Disco Duro
Pitter Rocha (Rio de Janeiro, 1990) is a guitarist, composer, educator and researcher. Master in Music at PPGM-UNIRIO, investigates the conceptual, technical and fictional relationships of sound through the lens of Afrofuturism. Artistically, the musician presents himself with his Disco Duro project. In his productions, compositions and performances, he explores pre-recorded sound materials, real-time sound processing, electric guitar and effects pedals, dialoguing with different fields of experimental music such as electroacoustic music, free improvisation, live electronics and music of noise.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Nasnuven Paulo (1994) is a sound designer and has a bachelor degree in Arranjo-MPB from UNIRIO (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). He worked as a sound technician at the Laboratório de Editoração e Gravação Musical (Music Recording and Editing Laboratory) from 2017 to 2021, where he collaborated with the webseries Unirio