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Sound Capsules is a work of sound art and web art performed in a virtual environment. The interactor can find sound capsules from parallel universes and distinct times of the Planet Earth. This is an original work made collectively by the members of SONatório.
Sound Capsules is inspired by science fiction literature (Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, George Orwell) and by texts written by Ailton Krenak (Ideas to postpone the end of the world, Tomorrow is not for sale, and Life is hardly useful). The capsules are filled with affective memories. The messages may come from implanted silicon nanowires in a human body, from obsolete recorders or even from field recordings of parallel universes in past and future years. What other configurations of the Earth are or would be possible? If we continue living as we are, clearing forests, polluting seas, rivers and lakes, creating more and more artificial environments and artificial food, how will we survive? How can we postpone the end of the world? These are some of the motivating questions for the creation of the sound capsules. Sound Capsules seeks to bring a reflection about our way of life, about ways of survival and resistance.
SONatório – Research, Practice and Sound Experimentation Lab is an extension and research project from the Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia (UFRB), and it is linked to the research group LinkLivre. SONatório aims to promote reflections on listening and sound creation, collective creative processes based on sound and audiovisual experimentation (including performances with Soundpainting, live cinema and installations) and sound workshops for the community of Recôncavo Baiano. The artists involved in the process of the Sound Capsules are: Daniele Costa, Gabriel Amarante, Girlan Tavares, Joanne Labixa, José Brito, Laíse Gaspar, Lina Cirino, Marina Mapurunga, Stephanie Sobral and Victor Brasileiro.

Sound Capsules