Lilian Nakahodo & Rui Chaves

DO PAÇO AO OLHO, Video, 46 Mins

Voicing(s) (Instructions)

Images – Eduardo Patrício
Sound (binaural) – Rui Chaves
Post production – Lilian Nakahodo

Curitiba Sound Map (2016)

The Curitiba Sound Map (CSM) is an on-going project launched in April 2016. This endeavour focuses on a post-representational approach, i.e. develops a cartographic process based on an interview-led methodology that gathered personal accounts of a wide-range of Curitiba’s inhabitants (in a total of 29 participants). This process highlighted the affective dimension of the sonic in its relationship with a subjective-collective experience marked by memories, emotions and perceptions. This experiential framework is contextualized by the participants’ own background foregoing traditional dualist or binary conceptions about our sonic environment. The project, initially thought as an online-based archive of the above activities, unfolded into other community-led initiatives with the purpose of raising awareness of peoples’ aural experience in Curitiba (the city where Lilian Nakahodo lives). Nakahodo not only conducted a series of soundwalk workshops, but also created a site-specific event called “Do Paço ao Olho” with critic, artist and curator Rui Chaves. This performance, guided a group of people through the central region of Curitiba, where the heard soundscape was overlaid with a reproduction of previous (made in CSM) field recordings and interview-transcriptions read by Chaves through a megaphone.

Lilian Nakahodo is a third generation Brazilian Okinawan artist and musician, with a master’s in music theory and creation, and a focus in contemporary sound practices. In that sense, her interest lies in sound based cartographic processes and aural experiences on a daily basis, leading her to design projects with community, diversity and listening highlight, such as the Curitiba Sound Map (2016). As a musician, she plays in various formations and musical styles, focusing on the multiple possibilities that piano and technology offer to performance and music production. Including in this path is the first known live recording of John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano (2011) and a performance in the 24 hours non-stop sound installation “Vexations : 840 x Satie” (2019) as a member and co-founder of a pianists collective.

Rui Chaves is a Portuguese sound artist, performer and researcher. His creative work foregrounds a discussion of presence — both physical and authorial — in the process of making sound art: an endeavour that is informed by a contemporary critical inquiry and exploration of the thematics of body, place, text and technology. From 2015-2018, he was a postdoctoral researcher at NuSom (University of São Paulo) with a research project focusing on creating an online ‘archive’ of Brazilian sound art. In 2019, he co-edited with Professor Fernando Iazzetta the volume Making it Heard: A History of Brazilian Sound Art. From 2020 to 2024, he will be working as a visiting professor at the Federal University of João Pessoa visual arts department.


Lilian Nakahodo & Rui Chaves