Klank.ist with Jeremy Woodruff Electronic Music Concerts ITU MIAM Gallery  

The Istanbul-based transdisciplinary klank.ist is an art collective which tries to expand its expressive limits in transdisciplinary genres. The collective is founded in 2017 based on collaborations between disciplines such as dance, theater, music, architecture, production design, and show presence in the sphere of improvisation through its side-project klank.ist.
Free improvisation, audio-visual-body interactivities play a pivotal role for the creative pursuits of klank.ist ensemble. In this context, various fluidities are experienced by the participants in the spectrums of verbal/non-verbal, sound/silence, dance/movement, play/performance/performativity, visual/non-visual. The ensemble’s first album V.Dialogues takes this experience to a personal level and represents their pluralist unity. Visual metaphors and theatrical elements blend together with installations whereas they promise a both pre-determined and unpredictable improvisation performance.

Klank.ist with Jeremy Woodruff