Jeremy Woodruff Generative Blues by HORMONE for Viola, Bass, Percussion and Electronics Electroacoustic Concert with Hezarfen Ensemble - Bahçeşehir University  

In 2049 the nightly news of the world has become simply too horrible either to report on or even hear.  The government therefore relies on androids to create a new album every night which sets the headlines to music using generative computer processes to soften the impact by entertaining the public with this new, easy to enjoy format. They are HORMONE, your news-band androids.
These half humanoids however, are placed under terrible strain to daily deliver the grossly and horrifyingly psychologically unpalatable facts within friendly hit song albums and suffer debilitating side-effects. Will humankind be kept perpetually under musical anaesthesia, or will our time run out for war, disease and ecological disaster?  Will HORMONE break their psychological chains and tell us something really new that might save humankind?

[I used current news reports verbatim with only slightly changed numbers to emulate those which might be heard in the year 2049.]

Newscast, October 31st, 2049:

Generative Blues by HORMONE

1. Creativity In Your Face 1:19
2. Abandoned Criminal 1:51
3. You Got The Mother 0:57
4. Go After It With A Club 2:08
5. Antique Man 0:53
6. Where The Fruit Is 2:42
7. Explosive Man 2:31
8. Hysterics Taken For Granted 1:48
9. Staring At My Beat 0:50
10. Answers Must Stop Now 1:01

Jeremy Woodruff