Genoël von Lilienstern Dom for Cello and Electronics,  2019 Electroacoustic Concert with Hezarfen Ensemble Bahçeşehir University  

„Dom” is the German word for dome.
In my first string quartet written in 2017, I started experimenting with sound distortion idioms. I found that in contemporary music distortion has largely been applied through instrumental techniques such as overpressure, multiphonics, tone/voice mixtures. But I haven’t met many examples of electronic distortion of the amplified instruments, as you can find it in many genres of experimental pop music. Many decades have passed since the rise of hard rock and metal music, being notorious for the use of distorted guitar and bass sounds. Initially being perceived as rebellious and extreme – distortion sounds have since fanned out in countless subcategories. I personally perceive deep, muted distortion sounds, as they can be found in doom metal, as a warm, almost pleasing, physical experience. So my aim was to create a big, dark, dystopian sound space – a romantic ruin left to wander through, after the future global destruction.

Bio: Genoël von Lilienstern, Berlin, Germany, is working across the fields of instrumental composition, music-theatre and installations, with settings ranging from orchestra pieces with vintage synths, feature-length operas to chamber and solo music.

Genoël von Lilienstern