Fulya Uçanok Childlike Only In the Depth Innocence Electroacoustic Concert with Hezarfen Ensemble. Vocals of the "tape" part are sung by Gökçe Göknel Bahçeşehir University  

Both utopias and dystopias offer imagined alternatives to the status quo; they itch our lazy minds reminding us realities other than our habitually inhabited ones which we usually come to accept as the only one.
This piece is an exercise of such imagination; provoking the esoteric psychogeography of the performative ritual in the concert space. It aims to blur some of the norms regarding stage presences, compositional/performative practices and expectations, conjuring states of in-between-ness and pluralism; as well as to pave way for the audience to make various meanings by different engaging strategies with the performance (in listening and seeing).

Bio: Fulya Uçanok is an Istanbul-based electroacoustic musician, pianist & improviser. Among her current interests are mechanisms of mediation, pluralism and non-power relations within composition and performance practices in electroacoustic music.

Fulya Uçanok