Amy Salsgiver Stardust Electroacoustic Concert with Hezarfen Ensemble Bahçeşehir University  

Stardust is a comprovisation, a semi-composed guided improvisation, for strings and percussion. At the outset it envisions a cloud of unwavering darkness, reflecting both physical and internal landscapes, of the dystopian reality. Through this cloud, our basic human instinct of intrinsic hope still flickers through. Memories rise and fall. In time, the musicians converge, in their own way, upon a simple melody. Is it a lullaby or a lament? Ultimately, it does not matter. In the end we are all destined to be stardust.

If it is the end-
so what, then?
do not be crushed
by that troubled cloud.
a mountain of Ash,
a wisp of Stardust.
Bio: Amy Salsgiver (USA) is a percussionist with Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra and lecturer at Istanbul Technical University MIAM. She is also a member of Hezarfen Ensemble and percussion group

Amy Salsgiver